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What is Application Integration?

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Application integration is the process of enabling independently designed applications to work together and share information. Some of the common capabilities required include:

• Keeping original data (in independently designed applications) consistent

• Automate the integrated flow of multiple activities performed by other non-similar applications

• Providing access to data and functionality to other applications.

Business in the present-day world is not the same as it was before. Today's world is full of cutting edge technologies. Many small scale and large scale organizations are getting benefits from it and moving at a relentless pace with technology. With many modern-day technologies like Big data, Cloud Computing, or loT., customers can get simple control of their respective data from anywhere and at any time.

In many large and mid-scale organizations, ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP, Oracle Financials, or Microsoft Dynamics) is the core system for their financials. And similarly, implementing reporting applications are Microsoft Power BI and Balance Sheet / Account Reconciliation applications. Data plays the most important role in these applications to function and give optimum results. A right integration tool and resources play a very important role in designing, developing, and implementing Application Integration.

Even for organizations managing various small businesses have their own legacy application and tools to operate and function. Application Integration can help organizations to collect the data from those applications and integrate it into their financials and reporting systems.

“What are the actual benefits of Application Integration for different businesses?”

I have heard this question plenty of times from many users. Let us discuss some fascinating benefits of Application Integration for businesses.

Sharing of data:

Information sharing is a crucial asset to each business. Each suitable information, if conveyed correctly to the workers can do wonders in ways nobody would have thought of. Selecting the right tools and team, the flow of any information, be it of any complexity, can be simplified to the largest extent. Any data can be flown smoothly through various software and users who are in need of that information. The users can access their respective data from one point of access. As a result of which, no greater cost of maintenance is incurred within the process. All these things help in saving the time of your employees. Additionally, application integration helps in effective and efficient collaboration between the associates and the Organization employees.

Simplified IT Processes:

With bigger organizations, it often becomes difficult to handle the IT infrastructure of the company which eventually results in a complete loss.

The more simplified the IT process is, the greater satisfaction the users will derive. Nothing may be a greater deal for any organization than to serve its customers with the foremost simplified technologies and with the very best level of satisfaction.

Hence, Application Integration helps the organization in such a situation. Its simplified processing can make the work of any organization easier by a considerable amount. The Application Integration enforces a far better technique combining functionality and knowledge of various applications into one package. With such simplicity, the users can access their data and the organizations will also find it a lot easier to serve data to their potential customers.

Create Opportunities:

In the present times, it is essential for any business organization to realize the different opportunities which can make them shift their gears to the next level. In such situations, the Application Integration is the one to look for. It will help the organization to acknowledge the upcoming opportunities.

Also, it can help deal with the shift within the marketing policies, reputations, management issues, and far more. As we all know that for any business, it is essential to grab any upcoming opportunity and make the foremost out of it and that is what the Enterprise Application Integration does. The owners of any business can control every single access to their data and implement tactics right from one interface which may be a unique feature on its own.

Increase Efficiency:

Every business organization strives to optimize its efficacy. The greater the efficiency of any organization is, the higher the quantity of revenue generated is going to be.

Improved Functionality:

The greater the workability of employees, the faster it is going to be for the entire work process of any organization. With such enterprise applications, the employees will find absolute joy in working and it will promote the smooth functioning of the whole organization.

Reduces Effort - Get more in less Time -

Application Integration helps in better performance. With different functionality mechanisms scaled to an absolute level of perfection, lesser time is incurred, and a greater amount of labor is often wiped out in the given period of time.

Application Integration surely allows the organization to identify the full potential of their software investments. If you are a business owner and need to manage your business to the brink of perfection, choose Application Integration, and make your business rise to the subsequent level of success and glory.

I would recommend you to read more about the Cloud Data Integration Platform by Informatica. The links to which are given below.

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More details on Integration Hub can be found at below link

And to find out more about Informatica Cloud Integration

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