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What is a chatbot?

In recent times, we have found how organizations and businesses are so eager to introduce and add chatbots to their application to help their customer and employees.

The business you owe and how crazily you are droved by innovation and technology can help you to make the right decision. In the current market, tough competition makes it mandatory for every company to adopt innovative technology. It is very important for companies to catch a unique trend to be early enough to grab profit immensely and maintain a successful algorithm for the long term.

In the last few years, AI chatbot and Bots development have emerged as the most followed trend. AI Bots are used frequently in business to facilitate various processes, particularly those related to customer service.

1) Provide a better presentation framework to your FAQ.

2) Customer Support for the most common question asked.

3) Human Resources for Employees support

4) Improves your branding.

5) Accelerate Operations

6) Better Customer and employee Interaction

7) Chatbots are not expensive.

8) Chatbot- Easy-to-use

9) Chatbot Development Requires Less Time

So, chatbots have become an essential part of almost every business, whether we talk about providing anytime support, or augmenting human productivity, chatbots show a valid reason to get added as a part of customer service management. Furthermore, it improves branding with less customer effort.

In retail, commercial, or investment banking, insurance, or fintech, chatbots have provided a conversational and engaging experience to your customers. Employing chatbots will alter the way in which traditional conversation and interaction with customers are handled.

Chatbots are changing digital customer service strategies by being a valuable resource in that they can offer organic service around the clock. Early adopters of chatbot technology have already seen higher customer engagement, development of loyalty, and increased revenue.

From data to bot in minutes

With Microsoft and QNAmaker we can build, train and publish a sophisticated bot using FAQ pages, support websites, product manuals, SharePoint documents, or editorial content through an easy-to-use UI or via REST APIs.

1. Create and publish a bot in teams, or elsewhere without writing a single line of code. You can also add personality to your bot using pre-built chit-chat datasets.

2. Extract question-answer pairs from semi-structured content, including FAQ pages, support websites, excel files, SharePoint documents, product manuals, and policies.

3. Design complex multi-turn conversations easily through the QnA Maker portal or using REST APIs.

4. Improve your ranking model through suggestions based on your chatbot's usage and user feedback. QnAMaker service is a hosted model, so you can choose product tiers according to your size and data needs and feel secure with all components within your Azure compliance boundary.

5. QnAMaker extraction and ranking models are available in more than 50 languages.

Here is a simple bot created using QnA Maker and Azure Web Bot services. The bot can be reached at

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